Nocturnal Oases

Nocturnal Oases is a photographic series that is focused on the suburban landscape. Throughout the series a voyeuristic, juxtaposed internal and external perspective of the residential landscape is explored. The use of artificial light radiating from within the home conveys the feeling of presence; a presence of anonymous neighbors and nearby individuals who hold a shared existence. Light sources define and personify existence within these commonly familiar spaces—both from within and without. The electrically stimulated landscape of privately owned residencies emerges from the night, showing the presence of the anonymous lives of those who exist around each other. 

When night falls those who take themselves out of the suburban landscape during the day return to their homes;  individualized, ideal environments where daytime priorities become secondary. Here in their personal surroundings residents experience a shift as day turns into night—external eyes fall away and people are allowed to be more truly themselves; a more accurate and humanized version of whom we hope to be as people. Within these private places an intimate connection can be found between photographer and the anonymous homeowner. Exploiting/Observing these residencies in their shared landscape speaks of the outside world but also of our existence, the mysterious possibilities of the night and connectivity it affords.