“Progredi” is an ongoing photographic study of the constructed, integral infrastructure systems. When looking at the places we reside in, travel through and arrive at we are always in constant contact with infrastructure; the systems we made for ourselves in an attempt to streamline progress. This project investigates these places we briefly pass through, the framework of modern life we rely upon each day, and the topographical changes made out of necessity in order to enact a more efficient existence and way of living.

 Through multiple platforms of photography and image production these ideas of infrastructure and progress are conceptually explored with traditional photography methods as well as contemporary and more widely used mobile techniques. The use of the convenient and accessible mobile devices has allowed infrastructure to become something we incorporate into our own being; something so commonplace that it’s difficult to function in life today without one of your own. By using this personal mobile technology for photographing the very same infrastructure that lead to its creation and continued use, I am consciously layering multiple facets of infrastructure and progress to describe our existence on this planet.  


Progredi is the latin origin of the word “progress” or “stepping forward” — using this form of language to define the project I am referencing yet another form of infrastructure that we heavily rely on—language. This is a form of technology that has been taken for granted, as it’s been gradually changed over thousands of years, evolving and developing into multiple languages and dialects. Some of which are lost, while some survive largely unchanged, or as fragments and are still used to this day as an infrastructure for our ideas.